Laura started her career with a dream to make a change in the visual field and that dream took her to study advertising to become an Art Director. In time, she felt the need for a more hands-on approach and decided to take the classes of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. It is here that her love for advertising and art met in the form of photography.
With over ten years of experience in professional photography and a few art exhibitions under her belt, she also excelled in working with big brands like BestValue, Obsentum, Crewshop and Puma, photographing all types of products, but also people. Although she mostly works in product photography now, the human face is still what she likes capturing the most. In a continuous expansion of skills and knowledge, together with her team, she never says “no” to a new challenge.
Her studio is like a laboratory where things get enthusiastically discovered, mixed and reinvented, for the most unusual results. Drawn to both colorful and complex, but also simple and modern images, she continually adapts to answer each brand’s specific demands.
The creative services provided range from conceptual sketches to artistic direction, set design and post-production, powered by the advantage of having the resources to build the best crew for each assignment. The images resulted can be integrated in a variety of projects, such as print and digital advertising campaigns, e-commerce websites, brand identity guidelines or social media content.

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